Solar heating of Solardirekt24 GmbH

for domestic water heating
for domestic hot water & heating
to 5m2 to 10m2 15m2 20m2 25m2 30m2

Powerful collectors - Top Offers!

Evacuated tube collectors STI flat collectors
Eurotherm solar tube collector

available in three versions
STI flat collectors

available in three versions
Standard Service PRO CPC Fino stico FKA

Now select the collector for your Solarthermieanlage and use the power of the sun for hot water or to support your heating. Imagine our pages individually assemble your system or use one of our competitively priced complete packages.

BAFA promotion

Your solar thermal is intended for domestic water heating and heating support? Then your planned investment will be eligible for at least 2000 € depending on the installed gross collector area. Minimum requirements are here 9m2 For flat-plate collectors and only 7m2For Evacuated tube collectors, The procedure is simple: go on and download the application form. Fill in this form and submit it together with our offer. As soon as the grant has been received, you will acquire the equipment and have significantly reduced your installation costs.

Price examples - solar thermal energy with subsidies

complete package Price promotion total expenses
7,68m2 Tube collectors with 500l memory
3674, - € - 2000, - € 1674, - €
10,08m2 Flat plate collectors with 800l memory
4771, - € - 2000, - € 2771, - €
18,322 Tube collectors with 1000l memory
5612, - € - 2660, - € 2952, - €

Promotion for new buildings - with innovation funding

Enhancing innovation is the funding model of the ACFA for apartment buildings, commercial properties and new construction. The m2 Gross collector area are here at least 75 € funding for new buildings or 100 € possible for existing homes where the proposed investment a gross collector area of ​​at least 20m2 includes.

Interested in promoting innovation or planning a specific project? We are happy to provide a non binding offer. Send us noted in the completed questionnaire e-mail, fax or post. We will then contact you in connection.

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Questions about our products or are unsure of the details of your solar thermal system? Contact us by telephone or alternatively via email. We advise you about the selection of the appropriate components to your system and will gladly provide you an individual offer.

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